He Killed Them

Warning for graphic content:In June 2016, law enforcement found Jacob Cayer, covered in blood, hiding in the trees directly behind the Teague family home where he had just murdered Heesun “Sunny” Teague and her daughter Sabrina Teague. Cayer ziptied Sunny by her neck to the bathtub faucet, then, with a hammer, tire iron, and knife,Continue reading “He Killed Them”

Sign the Petition Against Cayer’s Release

Click the URL. Sign the petition.Share with friends and loved ones.#JusticeForSabsAndSunny. Petition URL: https://www.change.org/p/brown-county-courts-community-against-the-release-of-convicted-murderer-jacob-cayer

Greetings from Homicide Survivor Sarama Teague

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person will die” — Anonymous — With all due respect to the anonymous who penned this platitude: F*ck no. Just, no. Anger is not poison. Anger is a natural, reasonable, healthy emotion. Having anger is not bad; it’s what we do with it thatContinue reading “Greetings from Homicide Survivor Sarama Teague”